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Enchanted Forest

New Years Eve began on a very average note, working a shift at the Bull's Tooth up at Steven's Pass, but quickly transformed in to the coolest party I have ever been to. After getting off at 9:30, taking my first ever duck fart (which is delicious by the way) and a shot of tequila I made my way to the party.

Stepping in to what I can only describe as the Enchanted Forest, I found my way to my girl Kayla, who was just getting ready to start her first round of fire poi. Imagine this, a hoop of fire spinning around your face, it's 8 degrees, and you are dancing on hardly packed snow. This is what my girl Kayla did and she killed it.

She did it with a smile, wearing a crop top, in 8 degree weather, with a crowd. That my dear friends impressed the hell out of me. As the night went on fellow fire dancer Kenzie joined the party, and the two ladies put on quite a show.

The party continued, the DJ killed it on the dance floor, more tequila was consumed, and the party was clearly a hit as midnight crept closer and closer.

The ladies put on one last fire show before the light show in the sky and the countdown began. 2016 was right around the corner. I was in the Enchanted Forest, surrounded by amazing people, and about to ring in a brand new year. So much gratitude. The magic around me consumed my heart, 5. So happy I moved to the mountains. 4. So happy for all the new amazing souls. 3. So excited for new adventures. 2. So excited for the current moment. 1. Cheers to 2015 and cheers to 2016. HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRR!

It's officially 2016. Here I am watching a firework show in the middle of the woods, lights strung through the trees, DJ and speakers bumping, and the outdoor tribe I always imagined. This is what it is to be happy. The party continued, as did the tequila and the photos started to take on a very psychedelic tone.

We partied our little hearts out until the wee hours of the morn, finally laying our heads to sleep at 6:30am. The Enchanted Forest was an experience I will never forget. And I look forward to the adventures of 2016 that lie ahead.

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